Thursday, 14 June 2007

Soon you will see Tiny tomatoes 'the size of berries' in your supermarket.

People around the world love to eat tomatoes especially in their salads and there are many varieties of tomatoes that are sold.

"People are getting more adventurous and want to try different varieties of tomato. They want tomatoes that look unusual and exciting to put in the salad bowl. The strawberry tomato looks fantastic and it also has a great taste - it can be eaten on its own or in salad," said Peter Ireland, a fruit buyer.

Strawmato’ looks like a strawberry, tastes sweet and you can even dip it into melted chocolate to relish a great taste of it.

And also ‘Zebra tomatoes’ that is grown from a new seed variety, which is best for roasting and grilling.

Mr. Stripey” tomatoes have a marvelously sweet taste, yellow skin dappled with orange streaks, and golden yellow flesh flecked with pinkish streaks. They make a stunning display in salads. ‘Green Zebra’ gets its name from the dark green stripes that streak its greenish-yellow skin. Its deep green flesh is both tart and sweet.

While the "ugly" was a traditional Spanish tomato, normally sliced on to, or rubbed into, bread and served with olive oil and salt, new types and varieties such as plum, cherry or yellow tomatoes now dominate both the growers and supermarket shelves.


There is new variety in tomato which is very tiny in size and it is called ‘Tomberries’

These are at around 1cm (0.4in) in length and they are expected to be particularly popular with children, according to the supermarket chain.

The "tomberries" come from a wild strain which has been commercially cultivated in Holland for the first time.

Its spokesman Robert Honeysett said: "You can't resist just popping them in your mouth.

"In fact, I bet it's not just kids who take a liking to these tantalizingly tiny toms - they are very Moorish." He says.


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