Thursday, 7 June 2007


I like Shinchan because he is cute and naughty. He sings many songs. He sings “Just chill, chill, just chill, chill’ when Mixie, his mother, gets angry on Shinchan’s music teacher for asking higher school fees.

He has a small dog called Shiro.

Shiro and Shinchen always are doing mischief in the house and at the playground.

His mom, Mixie is always hitting him for making mischief. He calls his mom ‘Kali Buddi aurat’ (black old woman) or sometimes ‘bache churanay walli Kalli Budhiya’ (child-stealing, black old woman)

I liked one episode in which Sinchan drives his toy car on the road. Shinchan’s mom is also learning to drive. He comes and distracts his mom in her driving, by driving his own toy car (in speed) next to his mom, thus causing confusion and his mom meets with an accident. I was amused by the way his mom is angry and run behind him to beat him up.

I also like the episode in which it is a sports day. The children have to hide inside the box and their mothers have to pick up their child from the box and take him to the finish line. Shinchan and his friend, Kazama hide in each other's boxes and Mixie, Shinchan’s mother picks Kazama from the box on her back, whereas Kazama’s mom picks Shinchan on her back. During the race Shinchan tickles Kazama’s mom and she bangs on a pole and falls down. Shinchan quickly gets off from her back and runs to the finish line to win the race. I was very amused to see this race

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