Saturday, 2 June 2007

Regular use of laptops is not good for health

More and more people are using laptops.

Everybody likes to work on a computer, but we must be careful. We must not work for too many hours on a computer.

Regular use of laptop could damage your health and may cause problems in your spine, neck, shoulders and other serious orthopedic pain because of poor posture, warns British scientists.

A common problem is of keeping a laptop on the legs because then the users stare down at the screen and strain their necks, spines and legs.

Girls as young as 12 are being diagnosed with nerve damage caused by slouching over screens, a group of leading chiropractors said.

Health experts are worried because booming laptop sales have led to a surge in the number of computer users with back and muscle problems, reported online edition of BBC News.

“While working on laptops, people should take a break every 20 to 25 minutes otherwise muscle ligaments and joints could be damaged” says Dr. Vikas Gupta, an orthopedic surgeon at New Delhi's Fortis Hospital


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