Sunday, 10 June 2007

It is too hot now-a-days.

The climate all over the world is changing and this is because of Global warming.

There is enough scientific evidence now to show that if the rise in global warming is not kept below two degrees Celsius and if a reduction in greenhouse gases doesn’t begin by 2015, we will have catastrophic consequences — floods, droughts, famine, deaths and wars — within the lifetime of the present generation.

This week, the G8 talking heads decided to cut the greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050. But the Greens are not happy. They say the world is running out of time and the rich world must slash emissions at least by 80% in just over four decades to avoid death and destruction in the poor world. They have a point.

But the leaders of the rich club refuse to see these points. They are not ready to spend money on efforts to check global warming. The poor world, including India and China, needs more than $50 billion every year to adapt to climate change. Some 80% of this money has to come from the G8 pockets: 44% from the US, 13% from Japan, 7% from Germany, 5% from the UK, and 4% to 5% each from Italy, France and Canada. But, they seem to be dragging their feet on this issue. Their point is: There is no urgency and there is not enough money to tackle the problem. Is it true?

Not quite. Some 150,000 people are already dying every year as a result of the Earth getting hotter.


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