Monday, 11 June 2007

G8 Members met in Heiligandamm on June 6-8, 2007

Pooja is very interested in many things. Today, when I spoke to her about ‘Global Warming’ and told her that G8 were also worried about this Global warming, she asks me what is this ‘G8’?

Well, G8 means Group of Eight members of international community. It is the international forum for government of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom and United States of America.

It was created as a Library group by United States in 1974. It is an informal forum where they discuss mutual and Global concerns. The range of topics include health, law enforcement, labour, economic and social development, energy, environment, foreign affairs, justice and interior, terrorism and trade.

There are also a separate set of meetings known as the "G8+5", attended by finance and energy ministers from all eight member countries in addition to the People's Republic of China, Mexico, India, Brazil, and South Africa. This was first created at Gleneagles, Scotland in 2005.

The group does not have a permanent secretariat, or offices for its members. The presidency of the group rotates annually among the member countries, with each new term beginning on January 1 of the year. The country holding the presidency is responsible for planning and hosting a series of ministerial-level meetings, leading up to a mid-year summit attended by the heads of government.


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