Monday, 25 July 2011

The Elephant and the Doggy

The elephant and doggy were walking sadly, both lost, confused and in tears

Said the elephant to the doggy, “My eye-sight is poor; one sharp twig has poked me, for few days my friend, I may not be able to see well, will you lead me across to the seas?”

“Agreed” said doggy, and held on to the elephant’s trunk and together, they walked with glee, the doggy hopped and jumped and ran very fast then came back to hold on to elephant’s knee.

They walked for long, the elephant and doggy till they reached a green banana tree

“I am hungry” said the doggy “look up there, dear elephant; will you pluck one banana for me?”

“Yes of course, if you be my friend, I fetch it all for free" Then smiled at doggy and stretched his trunk to reach up high onto the tree.

He plucked out bananas one by one, and counted “one, two, three”

The doggy jumped and happily grabbed and repeated, “one, two three.”

“One, two, three, one, two, three” they chanted loudly as doggy ran round and round, all around the tree.

“Thank-you my friend, I love this song, but pray, tell me what is this ‘one, two three’? asked doggy of his friend elephant as he huffed and puffed, then happily leaned against the tree.

“One is when I plucked first one, two is for the second one, add one more and count together, it becomes number three, you see?”

“One, two, three, one, two, three” they chanted loudly as doggy held on to elephant's trunk and together they ran around the tree.

“One, two, three, one two three,” jumping, hopping sang the elephant and doggy. Singing, chanting, dancing, walking, together they finally reached by the sea

The doggy barked and yelped and groaned, then rolled down to play on the sand. The elephant was amused; he sat down too and rolled down just like his friend. Tired from too much walking, playing, they stretched out to hold each other’s hand. Doggy and elephant both sat down to rest, and discovered that they had become the best of friends

Written for children’s literature ‘Short Story Slam Week 6


e.a.s. demers said...

Very sweet scene between two friends :-)

Jingle said...

a friend indeed,
helpful at critical moments.

Thanks for the beautiful story.

mish said...

Tender moments of bonding between friends ...


pushpee said...

Thank you so much for your kind words e.a.s.demers, Jingle and mish :))

Anonymous said...

Very sweet--a darling story.

dan roberson said...

Helping each other, learning to be friends. Very nice.

Jingle said...

this is amazing, your talent is outstanding.

keep it up.

welcome join week 7 fun.

claim two awards of your choices from my post today.

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