Monday, 5 July 2010

The young lioness

By Jayashree Kapahi

Leona, young lioness, was in deep thought
She wanted to be a young girl she thought
She loved to dress up in frills and pink lace,
But the young cubs, they laughed in her face.

She moaned and she mooned,
And one day she swooned
Her parents were worried, they called Dr.Zoo
He checked her, he told them ’ Nothing I can do’.

Leona threw tantrums and mauled all her toys
Her folks, they were frantic, forgot all their joys
Decided to consult the witch on the hill
They visited the old crone, she told them to chill

She chanted her spells while her cauldron, it rumbled
She clutched the young chicks, slit their throats, but she fumbled
A few fluffy chicks ran away the spell was incomplete
Now imagine dear readers, Leona’s plight, the poor sweet.

She was no more a lioness and not quite a girl
Her parents cried buckets, their heads in a whirl
They tried, she cried, but her fate, it was sealed
She was who she was, she could never be healed.

The animals, they mocked her, humans were askance
None spoke to her or asked her to dance
Poor Leona was lonely, she wanted true love
Alas and Alack, cried the angels above.

O one day, he came, her handsome young prince
He loved her, and wed her they are happy ever since
Their kids are so sweet ,happiness and joy
Two li'l ones they have, half lion, half boy.

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