Monday, 30 November 2009

Something for you

Tanya Motwani lives in Mumbai and she likes to read books, she writes poems in her free time. She was inspired to write this poem after reading 'Chicken Soup for Teenage Souls'

When life has turned its back on you,
Just go out and see the morning dew.
Each drop has a separate job to do,
Just like there’s something for you too.

We come into this world for a cause,
And life goes on without a pause.
When you feel angry, sad or hurt,
Just punch a balloon till it bursts.

You fight with mother, brother or sister
Or even just have a tiny blister,
Just try to have a little talk,
Or just go out there for a walk.

When things don’t seem right,
Before you sleep at night,
Before you say Amen,
Just ask God to help you again.

Life has a lot in store for you,
So remember
There’s always something for you too.

- Tanya Motwani

Thank you Tanya, for sharing your beautiful poem with us.

1 comment:

manvika said...

Lovely poem Tanya!

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