Saturday, 17 May 2008

Bhoot Nath a Bollywood film for kids

Here is the movie for kids that you are sure to enjoy. After seeing this movie, no child will ever be afraid of ghosts. It is the story of little boy called BANKU and his friendship with the ghost whom he calls Angel.

Banku and his family move in to their new house -- the Nath villa, unaware of the fact that the house is inhabited by a ghost. It is learnt the ghost is not too happy with his new housemates. But what the ghost is not prepared for is his unlikely friendship with Banku.

Banku and the ghost have lots of fun and there is comedy. The bearded and grizzled ghost is perplexed at first—no matter what he tries, the kid either finds it funny or manages to con him. When Nath disappears, Banku thinks it's hide-and-seek (or, perhaps, hide-and-Seek). Eventually, Banku wears him down, and soon Nath becomes the grandfather Banku never had. When a bit of roughhousing results in a near-tragedy, that cements things between the two—although had it gone fully into tragedy, this might have been a more interesting and original story.

Banku must uncover the reason why his ghostly friend is stuck and help him to attain salvation.

This is the film which only kids will go see it with your friends...


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