Monday, 24 March 2008

Sikh boy, all alone, in a strange country.....

Gurinder Singh is a nine year old boy who was found abandoned at a clinic in the locality, in London. He does not speak English, but with the help of an interpreter, he said that he was left at a bus stop in Southhall by his ‘White’ uncle, whose name he does not know.

He says that he stayed with his ‘white’ uncle in a three-bedroom house. He had traveled by bus to Southall, where his uncle left him. He then walked into the clinic and sat watching TV, until the staff realized that he was all alone.

The sikh community is looking after him and feel that Gurinder may have been intentionally abandoned by his family in the hope of a better life for the boy in Britian.

Police are investigating whether Gurinder is the victim of child trafficking. Gurrinder speaks only Punjabi but told police he had been in the country for up to three years. Police are hoping and appealing his uncle to come forward. The child is now being looked after by social services until his family can be found.


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