Monday, 10 March 2008

Signature campaign to save tiger

Laws protecting the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger have failed to prevent tiger body parts being offered on open sale in Indonesia.

The survey conservatively estimates that 23 tigers were killed to supply the products seen, based on the number of canine teeth on sale.

Tiger body parts, including canine teeth, claws, skin pieces, whiskers and bones, were on sale in 10 percent of the 326 retail outlets surveyed during 2006 in 28 cities and towns across Sumatra. Outlets included goldsmiths, souvenir and traditional Chinese medicine shops, and shops selling antique and precious stones.

We have to save the Tiger from extinction or there will be no Tigers left in the future.

As part of the `save tiger campaign’ being organized by the NDTV across the country, the TV channel is collecting signatures for a mass petition at the Museum Compound

The mass petition would be submitted to the Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers in defense of the Great Indian Tiger, according to a statement.

The campaign stall will be put up near the main entrance of the zoo. Those who wish to join this campaign may put their signatures on the register kept at the stall.

More details on Tiger can be found in the earlier post Here

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