Wednesday, 22 August 2007

White, pretty pearl necklace

Tina went to market with her mother, one day
She saw a white, pretty pearl necklace

The cost was less, but she was poor
Could not really afford that pearl necklace

She saved each dime, in her own piggy bank
And finally bought white pearl necklace

Feeling too proud, she played with her friends
Always wearing her pretty, pearl necklace

Her dad, one day asked, if she loved him much
Would she give him, her pretty, pearl necklace?

She said, he could take her prettiest, lovely doll
But, she could not ever part her pearl necklace.

Days, then months, each time dad asked
Always same answer, no, not my pearl necklace.

But one fine day, when dad asked once more
She gave him her precious pearl necklace

He took her old one, in his pocket there was new
He exchanged it with a genuine pearl necklace

He had waited too long, for his daughter to know
In his pocket he had carried, real pearl necklace.

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