Saturday, 4 August 2007

Story behind Rakhi festival

Many, many years ago, in 1535 AD, in the city of Chittor, in Rajasthan, there lived Maharani Karnawati. She was the queen of the Rajput Kingdom. At that time, Rajputs were facing the invasion from the Mughals.

Maharani Karnawati realized that Mughals were very powerful and her state would never survive if there was a war. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to protect her kingdom. She decided to sent a rakhi to Humayun as a token of love from a sister.

Rakhi festival was an established festival by then and a spiritual symbol associated with the protection of a sister. Humayun was aware of this Hindu tradition.

Normally he wouldn't have pardoned anyone, but her gesture of love touched him. He immediately stopped his troops and asked them to return. He also swore that may what happen he will protect his new sister under any circumstances.

Their story touches the heart of zillions and is an emblem of pure brother sister love.

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Viren said...

Words are less for describe the important of Raksha Bandhan Festival. This is a major festival of India. This is a festival for brother and sister. People who lives in out of india they send online rakhi to india to their brother and keep the spirit of this festival.

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