Saturday, 19 May 2007

A380 keeps its date with Mumbai

On Tuesday in the month of May, at 3.30 pm, The Airbus A380 made its first successful landing at Mumbai airport and with this; it is the new concept that is first in the aviation industry.

Since last 40 years, Boeing 747 was the largest aircraft. Now this new one A380 is much bigger than 747. There is 35 percent more space to the passengers and more people will be able to travel now.

This Airplane, A380 has the very latest technologies for materials, systems and industrial processes and meets all the international certification requirements. It offers more seating and more available floor space than its closest competitor; it is more comfortable, with wider seats and aisles. You can also stretch your legs and access to lower-deck amenities. The A380’s modern technology and economies of scale provide 15 per cent lower seat-mile costs than today’s most efficient aircraft. Consequently, the A380 will offer passengers luxury travel at much more affordable prices.

The aircraft manufacturing company’s marketing director is David Velupillai, and he says, “It is a myth carried out by Boeing that the future is in point-to-point flying. In fact it is now bringing back the phased-out 747 simply because it is the hubs that are driving growth in the sector.”

He adds: “We have designed this aircraft to be very quiet with noise insulation as part of the conscious designing.” In India, the Airbus is confident that it will help lessen the crowd at metro airports by absorbing future passenger growth.

Sanjay Sharma, who is a senior analyst in Airbus’ marketing department says, “Emirates, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines would definitely want to bring the aircraft to Indian metros. The airports have to be compatible then. In any case, the Mumbai and Delhi airports will have 10 two-tier aerobridges each by the year 2010.”

Sharma adds that point-to-point travel and business travel is not absolute and is not possible for all routes.

They want to give choice to both, the traveler and also to the airline, to combine their routes in such a way that it serves both the purposes.

So, tell me,where you you wish to go for your next holiday?
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