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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

50 Indian Story Books

Tak Tak! Where did that noise come from? Did you hear it? Is it a ghost? Well, once a young man heard this noise everywhere and he thought it was a ghost… until he found out what the noise really was – and it was not what he expected. Find out more in the book by Soumitra Ranade. Publisher: Chitra Publications

Have you read this story book?

Reading story books is a great fun. When we read books we get transported into a magic world.

We have many books written by Indian authors. Do ask you mom to buy for you the most interesting one.

Here is the list of 50 Indian books every parent must read to their child
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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Story for kids

From the leaflet of Dolch Project, here is the story I wrote specially for you....Hope you like it

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

India's Mission To Mars

After United States, Russia, and Europe, now it is India’s turn to make a trip to the Mars, 378million km away. 

India’s launch of a small, unmanned satellite, Mangalyaam, to Mars is being described as a giant leap for its space program.

The robotic satellite of 1,350kg is undertaking 10-month-long journey to Mars and is equipped with five instruments.

Image source: color camera 

There is a color camera for taking pictures.  It will take pictures of earth and moon when passing over the lunar planet on the way and finally of Mars from its orbit

There is also a thermal imaging spectrometer to analyze the thin Martian atmosphere and to map the surface and mineral wealth of the planet.

Image source
The Mars Orbiter will have a single solar array with 3 panels of 1400x1800mm, capable of generating 750watts of power in Martian orbit. It is also equipped with 36AH Lithium-ion battery for power storage

Image source: orbit
The spacecraft will be placed into a highly elliptical orbit of 375km x 80000km

Image source

More than 500 scientists have worked round the clock at their Bangalore-based Isro, If the Mars mission succeeds, India will be very proud of this mission.

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