Friday, 10 July 2009

The Story Of a Crow

Mister and Misses crow decided to start a family. They looked everywhere to find a safe place for their children. In the city of Mumbai, there were not many trees left. Most of the trees were cut to make way for new buildings. The crows were very sad that they could not find a nice tree to build their nest. At last they found a vacant balcony; they saw that nobody was staying in that house.

Mister crow said, “I think no body stays in this house, let us build the nest here.”

Misses’ crow said, “I think the owner has gone for a holiday. I think this is a perfect place to raise our children.

So it was agreed that they would build a nest in the balcony. Everyday, they flew to far off places to collect twigs. Sometimes they would break from the trees and sometimes they would find it on the ground. They would bring the twigs in their beak and slowly, slowly, one by one, they started to build a nice, deep nest which was very secure for their children, and then, finally, one fine day they laid five tiny eggs.

The eggs were very, very pretty. It was of bluish green color with the spots of brown and black.

Mamma and Pappa crows would visit the nest everyday and come to take care of the eggs. The eggs started to change its color from blue to brown and then to black. One fine day the eggs were hatched. Only two eggs were hatched while other three got sick and died. The crows cleaned up the mess and decided to take care of their two small birds.

Mamma and Pappa would take care of their young ones, Mamma would sit with her babies in the nest to give warmth to her baby birds while Pappa would go and look for the food for Mamma and baby birds. Mamma and Pappa crows had many friends and they would visit them everyday and would see that no harm would come to the baby birds. The baby birds started to crow.

Slowly, they learnt to produce some sounds like their Mamma and Pappa,

Mamma would say “Caw, Caw”
And Baby birds would squeak “”cooooooo, coooooo”

When they saw their Pappa fly away up in the sky, they wanted to fly too and they would slowly flap their wings, and try to fly but their wings were very weak and they could only flap a little. They would wait for Mamma and Pappa with their beak open, waiting for the food.

Soon they grew up and looked like thier Mamma and Pappa.When they were strong enough they started practicing to walk around the balcony from one end to another, left and right, right and then left,they walked and walked and they would try to flap their wing and fly a short distance. For many days, they practiced to walk and fly, walk and fly, making their wings stronger and stronger. And then one fine morning, they spread their wings wide and wider, and, gathered courage to fly and then oooooooooopppa! They flew up into the skies.

Hurrah! they shouted and then sang, "Caw, Caw" They flew up in the sky, enjoying the breeze on their face. They laughed so much, "Ha, ha, ha, mamma wait for me, caw, caw!" following their Mamma and Pappa in the sky, up and down, round and round, flying over other balconies, and to other windows of people’s houses. They learnt to caw, caw loudly, enjoying the sound of their Caw, Caw, and were able to find some food for themselves.

Many times now, they often come back to the balcony in which they were born and remember their days when they were little and not too strong..

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