Sunday, 9 September 2007

Young Scientist at Work!

This is the report sent by 11-year-old, Rusheel Chulani, who lives at Hiranandani apartments in Powai., Mumbai.

This is what he writes:

A popular scientific competition was organized by ‘Aakar Private Limited’. Ten thousand students from three hundred different schools of Mumbai, Pune and Panchgandi took part in these competitions. The competition were organized in three levels

Level one took place in their school premises on 16th April 2007, and it was called ‘brain-gym’. Thirty objective questions, with four varied choices were offered. The contestant was expected to choose the right answer by shading the correct choice. Two thousand students were short-listed from this group and were promoted to level two.

Level two, called ‘Techno Maze’, and was organized at IIT, Powai Campus, on 2nd June 2007. At this level, there were puzzles for each team. Each team consisted of three groups viz. A, B, and C. Each group was further divided into sub-groups, which were made according to their standard of understanding. Each sub-group had to solve the puzzles in the limited time to secure the maximum points. Two hundred students were short-listed from this group and promoted to the third level.

Level three, called ‘Junk create’, and was organized at IIT Powai, on 3rd June 2007. This was the final round in which the students had to make a battery-operated machine that was automatic and mobile.

There were four winners in this event and each of them won a scholarship prize of Rs115000. Kamlesh won the first prize for making a battery operated robot. He shared the prize with his companion-contestant.

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