Saturday, 18 August 2007

Performing Monkeys in India

Raju Sujan from China wants to share his story with his friends, he writes:

If you go to any tourist spot in India, you are likely to see monkeys perform trick. They are trained to perform tricks that are sometimes very amusing.

Recently, on my route to Agra from Delhi, we stopped at the toll station and saw this monkey perform some tricks.
He climbed on a bamboo pole and danced while the man sang a Bollywood song.

then his master told him to say hello to me and he bend down double, touching his head to the ground.

He snatched the bamboo rod from his master and started to walk like an old man

He danced, jumped, climbed the bonnet of my car and tried to peep into my car. when I tried to shoo him away, he was making funny faces at me..I enjoyed watching the show.

Ha! ha! ha! What fun we had watching his show!

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