Thursday, 16 August 2007

15th August, an Independence Day of India, was celebrated everywhere in India.

There was flag hoisting ceremony in my building too. Children and parents gathered in the building compound at six in the morning. Everybody had a small flag in their hands. Everybody was dressed in Indian clothes, women in salvar kameez or sari and men in kurta pajama. Women wore clothes of bright colors like orange and green and some wore white dresses too.

As the flag swayed with the breeze, everybody sang patriotic songs like ‘Uncha rahe triranga hamara” and then they all sang National Anthem.

After the flag hoisting ceremony, there was a small party where they served Idlis and tea,


Sinpelo said...

I've managed to post a comment. I wonder if you could use a smaller size text? It takes a lot of scrolling to read the contents.

Sinpelo said...

Hi pushpa,
What does Uncha rahe triranga hamara mean and what is Idlis tea?

pushpa said...

Thank you Sinpelo for dropping by. 'Unche rahe triranga hamara' means ' may our tricolour flag always remain at higher altitudes'

idli is the delicacies made from streamed rice batter

The blogspot is child friendly, hence a bigger font size..
Thank you

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